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10 Tips & Tricks for the Music Industry w/ Greg Long of We Are Triumphant


Over 100 releases and 100,000 album sales later Greg Long has come a long way since starting We Are Triumphant in 2011. Over the years Greg has developed the career of many bands among these being Enterprise Earth, Neck Deep and Sworn In and today he has some tips for upcoming artists.

10 Tips & Tricks with Greg Long

1. Keep your posts relevant and targeted.

When posting tour dates make sure you are targeting these areas on Facebook. Facebook allows you to restrict to certain states. This way you can post several times per day without spamming your entire following with content that isn’t relevant.

2. Stay on point!

When pitching your band in an email keep it short, clean and simple while listing your accomplishments. Link to streamable music and don’t list every band you have opened for. If they like your music they will take the initiative to ask for more information.

3. Many hands make light work.

All of your members social should point to your band. Realise that each member of the band has the same promotional power as the band pages and push this to the max. When you have 5-6 different social profiles pushing something constantly it’s way more effective.

4. Hone your image as you do your music.

Your image, logos, promo and brand are just as important as your music. Music is just one piece to a very big puzzle of having a career in music and to be successful you need to have the whole package.

5. Be where your potential fans are.

Join Facebook groups in your music genre to promote your music these are filled with people who are looking for you.

6. Don’t forget the mailing lists.

Newsletters are still one of the most effective forms of marketing. Gather emails from your Band Camp, merch store, contests, march tables and wherever else you can to send monthly updates on your band.

7. Hustle at the merch table.

If someone approaches your merch table and wants to buy a single item always up sell them on a discount. If they want a shirt and it’s $10 give them the $10 CD for $5. The name of the game is getting as many people wearing and listening to your stuff as possible.

8. Build your network.

Start to build a list in a spreadsheet. Every time you play a show for someone write down their information and build your connections as you will never know when you need them in the future.

9. Market outside the box.

Try to team up with influencers in the worlds such at YouTube, Twitch and anything that demands a large audience. Stepping outside the box in terms of advertising can help you to stand out from the usual Facebook advertising.

10. Spend wisely.

Too often I see bands go and spend thousands of dollars on producing an album and then only go as far as posting from their socials and spending maybe $100 on boosting the post which gets forgotten about a week later. Don’t release content until you can properly launch it, you should spend the same if not more on advertising.


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