Interview with Joakim “Jocke” Berg of Hardcore Superstar


The Swedish sleaze, street rock masters Hardcore superstar will be hitting Australian shores in early June, after a 10-year gap.

There are lots of things happening in the Hardcore Superstar camp.

So we sat down with the band’s Vocalist Jocke, to chat about the upcoming tour and the new album they have in the works.


-How does it feel to be heading back after 10 years?

Jocke: It feels good, we were supposed to go back for Soundwave. There was so problem with the schedules and stuff, they changed schedules and that’s why we cancelled it. A little bit of a money issue and stuff so now it feels good to be back to do a proper tour in Australia.


-What can the fans expect from the show?

Jocke: Hardcore superstar is all about having a good time and stuff! That is what they are supposed to expect! To have a good time and a lot of energy.


-It is great that you have added a licenced all ages show on the Aussie leg. How important is it to you to involve the younger fans?

Jocke: It’s very important, they are taking over for the old ones. So, of course, they need to see a show as well. Look at my kids! I’ve got three kids, they come to the shows when hardcore superstar plays, and they like ah cool! Daddy is screaming on stage. They like rock and roll. So, I mean we must keep the encouragment going to let the young ones know about and feel the rock and roll.


-New album in the works called “you can’t kill my rock n roll” it’s due for release September this year.

Jocke: Yeah, the 21st of September.


Tell us a little about the writing and recording process?

Jocke: We… I think we wrote 50-60 songs for this album. Compared to the last one. The last one was a little diverse compared to other releases we did.

This time we went back to the original hardcore superstar sound, you know as we had on “spilt your lip” and the self-titled album “Hardcore Superstar”.

So, it’s back to basics and I think that’s because the last album…the fans were like what the fuck are they doing now? 50% were like that and 50% was like ok! It’s good! But it’s not Hardcore superstar! This time around its back to where it’s supposed to be.


-We have had a little taste of the album with three singles now released, you also have a 4th due to hit on the 18th of May Baboon! Can you tell us a little about it?

Jocke: ah we’re releasing ‘Baboon’ next Friday. The 18th yep and ah, the song is about this guy who comes to the party, and ruin’s the party and just wants to be seen, but everyone just hates him and he’s like a baboon. He is all over the place and he’s yeah, he’s a fuck up!


-The ‘Bring the House Down’ film clip looked like a lot of fun to film. Where did the idea for that come from?

Jocke: The song is about the record companies. When you talk to bands you know, they are like not so fond of them, because they have the money and don’t what to share the money. They just want to keep it simple and stuff. So that’s what we did in the video. We destroyed the office of the record company and ended it with the distorting the vice president desk board.


-Was it a fun process?

Jocke: It was fun but it was hard! I had this sledgehammer, it was heavy as hell. You know and I try to destroy as many things that I could but it like so heavy. It was like a workout, but it’s a lot of fun.


– How have you been finding fans reactions so far?

Jocke: Compared to the last release we had, from the last album. Everyone loves it! So, I think we are back on track


– So ‘street metal’ I believe it is self-coined. I would love to hear the story behind how you came up with the term?

Jocke: We invented it. We are combining thrash metal with punk, with sleaze and stuff. It comes from the street so it was Adde (Andreasson) that named it. “Yeah, we are playing street metal”. We are the founders of street metal! I’ve seen other bands, younger bands who have said that they were street metal as well.


– Do you have any advice for people coming up in the industry or looking to get into it?

Jocke: (clears throat) That’s a good one! Don’t try too hard! Just remember to have fun along the way and rehearse on your instruments, because that’s the most important thing the image is like second. If you suck on your instruments suck at writing good songs then the image is nothing. It’s like a facade. You must have fun, work on your instruments, practises on your instruments and write songs. That’s the thing, but don’t forget to have fun.


– Is there anything you would like to say to the Aussie fans?

Jocke: It’s going to be a blast coming back over to Australia again, I told my wife that if I should move somewhere? I would move to either Melbourne or Sydney! I love Sweden, I love my country but if I should have to pick one country it would be Australia. Because I love the people. They’re calm, nice and welcoming. I really love it. So, it’s going to be a blast to come back.



14/6 – Sydney NSW @Oxford Art Factory

15/6 -Melbourne Vic @ Prince Bandroom

16/6-  Brisbane QLD @Wooly Mammoth

17/6 – Adelaide SA @Fowler’s Live (Lic AA)

Tickets On Sale Now:

You can check out their facebook page Here:

Official Event Page:

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