Interview with Lindsay Schoolcraft of Cradle of Filth


The monstrous force that is Cradle of Filth has hit our shores for the first time in five years on their Cryptoriana world tour presented by Destroy All Lines and Chugg Entertainment. The Australia leg kicks off tonight in Canberra at the Basement.

They touched down early Monday morning, I had a chance to chat with the amazingly talented Lindsay Schoolcraft that afternoon about the tour, life on the road and much more.


I understand you arrived in Australia this morning. I hope you had a nice flight in?

Schoolcraft: “It was actually horrible. (laughs) We came in at 6 am and I think there was a really bad storm over the outback. I was convinced we were flying around a tornado, the way it sounded. I really wanted to sleep, but um at one point the turbulence was so bad I actually started fearing for our life’s. Like I could feel the plane sort of shifting, rocking and going in different directions and it was actually terrifying. But we are here we made it, so that’s all that matters.”


So, you and the band have been busy the past few months on the world tour. How has it been so far?

Schoolcraft: “It’s been a long tour; 4 months is a long time to do a tour. Ah, I have talked about it with my friends in other bands, and they’re like that is crazy! You guys are crazy! Like wow, 4 months. It’s been good, it has had its ups and downs. It’s had some really amazing memories and moments. Um, it’s had some hard times, but ah we’ve pulled through we’ve made it work. I think Australia, like ending it in Australia is kind of like the cherry on top. So, um I’m really happy about that.”


So, Australia’s the last stop on the tour and your heading home?

Schoolcraft: “yeah for two weeks, then we do a few little shows here and there then we’re off for the rest of the year.”


The Australian leg starts on the 9th May in Canberra at the Basement. That was a last-minute venue change I believe, is that right?  

Schoolcraft: “I believe so, I didn’t get the full details, I never been to Canberra before so I was like oh cool you know like this is a new place. I haven’t been there before so yeah, I guess it will be like our warm up, our start to Australia.”


What can the fans expect from the show? Any little treats?

Schoolcraft: “well um you know this is Australia’s first time meeting our line-up that we’ve had for the last four years. Um that we’ve done two consecutive albums with together. So, I’m excited to present this new line up to Australia. Because it was a different line-up the last time we were here. I think the set is extremely well rehearsed and ready to go and we have all our stage moves down and we have a lot to offer. So, I’m really, really, excited! I think the Australian fans are going to love it too.”


Yeah, it has been 5 years since Cradle of Filth were last in Australia. The fans have wanted you back and I know they are stoked to have you here!

Schoolcraft: “I can’t wait to see them.”


The new album “Cryptoriana” is amazing, could you tell me a little about the albums writing process?

Schoolcraft: “Yeah absolutely, you know we took kind of a similar approach with “Cryptoriana” um, that we did with “Hammer of the witches”. Um but we did meet up for a week in Brno (Czech Republic) to kind of fast track like hundreds of emails and jam out some parts and structure.”

“We are very lucky and grateful to have Martin (Skaroupka) our drummer. Cause he does so much extra legwork for this band and keeps this band going and we appreciate it. So it was cool! It was the same lineup and we knew how to work and how to structure things and how to make things happen. So, it came out really cool. The guys wanted to push themselves on more of a technical scale when it came to the guitars and the drums. They definitely got themselves to that point. So, people have been receiving it well, their happy with it, I’m proud of the guys, I like what I’m hearing so ah yeah, we’re one big happy family.”


How have you found the fans reactions?

Schoolcraft: “yeah, we’re very lucky in that regard. Um, I know some people come out to hear the classical stuff. I understand that cause some of my favourite bands I only like the old material to so I get it. When we start playing ‘Heartbreak of Séance’ people just, they love it, they go wild and it’s really! I don’t know how to descript it. It’s just this crazy feeling, like oh I have been accepted.”

“It was more nerve-racking with “Hammer of the witches”, we had like a festival show I believe it was in Holland! Another one I want to say Graspop or is that Belgium? I don’t remember, and it was the first time playing ‘right wing of the garden triptych’ on stage from our old album, and we started the track, people went nuts and were singing along with my part.”

“I had to use everything in me to hold back tears because I was so scared and then the minute they started singing along with me I just. I was like oh my god, they like what we did, they’ve accepted this, that’s when I knew this line-up had a future. You know it was our first time going to South America and parts of Asia with the new line-up and the two albums we’ve done together. Having people sing along to your guitar parts, and sing along to your lyrics. It is such a beautiful thing, it like oh ok like we’re doing something right. So that made me really happy.”


For those people, you are sort of on the bridge of going into Cradle of Filth. Is there anything you would like to say to people who haven’t taken that plunge yet?

Schoolcraft: “Oh yeah, I think there is something in Cradle of Filth, that we have something to offer for everyone. You’ve just got to kind of know where to start. For me, it was “Midian”. “Midian” was the album that, you know I didn’t like Cradle of Filth in high school, it’s hilarious now that I’m in Cradle of Filth, but here we are, life takes you to strange places.”

“When I started doing my classical training is when I found “Midian”, and I was like wow this is a Halloween album, this is a really cool concept album. So, you know at that point with the person I was dating at the time they listened to a lot of extreme music like black and death metal, and I was able to tolerate Dani’s voice at that point. So I listened to “Midian” with an open mind, but I feel that getting someone into Cradle you have to find the right album to kind of cater too what they are already listing to. I feel that cradle catalogue over the past 25 years has something to offer for everyone. So be patient and you will find that song in Cradle that will draw you in.”



(Before it was announced) Did the band pick a local act to be supporting you through your dates here in Australia?

Schoolcraft: “You know! I really wish we brought Jinjer with us. They did North America with us and they are just the coolest bunch of people. They can drink anyone under the table being from the Ukraine. Me and Tati have really bonded as Artist. You know they are so happy to be that band that broke out of the Ukraine. They are owning it! They’re killing it and I really, really, really wish that they came with us because we just played the Philippines with them, and hung out with them I had a pool party with them it was really, fun.  I’m sad that they are not with us, I really wish we could have brought someone over.”

“I have been told, I don’t have all the info yet but I am actually; really excited that there is a bunch of acts scheduled for the dates.  Five years ago when we came over we had Ne Obliviscaris open for us in Melbourne, that was before they broke out and now five years later their huge like we should be opening for them, their massive now and I’m so proud of them it is amazing to see how much has changed like five years changes everything. So, I’m excited to see who the next up comers are in your country for metal.”

(we now know those bands are Claret Ash for the Canberra show, Lavidius for the Brisbane show, Hybrid Nightmares for the Melbourne show, Somnium Nox for the Sydney show and Earth Rot in Perth)


Do you have any words of wisdom for those looking to get into the industry?

Schoolcraft: “This industry is not easy, I never thought it would be easy but I didn’t know it would be this hard. Educate yourself on the business side of things, understanding a basic contract and understanding what’s fair and what’s right when it comes to songwriting and royalties. And I’m not saying that I not saying that Cradle of Filth that’s screwed me over I definitely; have been screwed over and taken advantage of by some people. You know it happens this industry is full of not so nice people who want to take advantage of the young and innocent talent.”

“I think it is important to have enough respect for yourself to protect yourself kind of thing. So, it’s been a long journey and though it I learned to know my own worth you know you can have confidence and be humble without having an ego I think that is an important thing to develop, but definitely; standing up for yourself and knowing when to say no and when enough is enough.”

“The other thing that I can’t stress enough and I just what to slap some people in the face and ring their neck is social media is what is going to keep us alive these days and you know, I’ve heard these stories about how some artist and bands feel that they don’t need to do social media! and I’m like ok well you don’t want a career and you’re not taking this seriously.”

“Social media is the key and I think having some decent knowledge about branding and self-image and marketing and social media is so important to you, I mean it’s sad because these things do take away from our creativity and our time writing music, but in the beginning to balance all these things  and still be able to work a job on the side to feed yourself and keep a roof over your head, its definitely very difficult. If you are willing to learn and put in the hours and have a fantastic significant other who understands whether their around or not, you don’t have to have significant other! I have just been lucky that I’ve found the right person, you can get through it.”

“I’ve been very lucky in finding a mentor and I think in some cases I’m a mentor for other people and I don’t mind because I love helping people and I’ve had these people over the years um whether it’s been Alissa from Arch Enemy, or its been biff naked or the guys in Epica or even Cristina Scabbia, friggin hell she came up to me in Italy I was just over the moon she is such a sweetheart. These people are there for me and they care and they’re always willing to help, and root me on, give me advice and I am so incredibly grateful for that so, if you can find mentors even if they are just someone local who has had some success, who can teach you something you don’t know yet, that’s important too.”


Get all the info and tickets Here

Tour Dates

9/5 – Canberra, ACT @ the Basement

10/5- Brisbane, QLD @ the Triffid

11/5- Melbourne,VIC @ 170 Russell

12/5- Sydney, NSW @ Metro Theatre

14/5- Perth, WA @ Capitol

Check out the band’s social media HERE:



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