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BEHIND THE BAND: Management with Scott Waldman


We caught up with Scott Waldman of Waldman Management to discuss his journey in the music industry as well as some hot tips for band and aspiring managers.

Was there a single project or relationship that helped catapult you forward?

I moved to LA and I knew NO ONE in music. I auditioned for a bunch of bands and eventually found my way into a project called The City Drive. We signed with Sony in 2004 and my world forever changed. I pivoted to the business side two years ago, but TCD will always be my starting point.

How do you get people to pay attention to new bands?

I think that a lot of bands promote themselves in ways that are self-destructive. Examples include: “We have a big announcement in a few days!” By doing such, they lose a good portion of people that may actually have cared about such announcement. If you’re Black Sabbath, you have that luxury. If you’re a local band, just say what you’re going to say. Social media is just strategic nagging. There are right and wrong ways to promote a product and you are an actual product. Timing and word choice = very important.

What is one of the biggest mistakes you see up and coming bands making?

Posting every single thought and song on social media. People will write you off.

What is more important, music or image?

Image doesn’t sustain but it’s definitely important. Music and substance is always #1.

What do you look for when starting a new working relationship with a band?

I’d like them to be entities on their own. They need to be realistic and hardworking.

What are your 3 top tips for people looking to get into management?

1. Treat folks at the top of the mountain the same as you treat people contacting you for advice.

2. Always remember that it is a thankless job.

3. Your role is to serve your client; you work FOR them.

What pick of your current artists would you love to give a plug?

I co-manage a new band called Stringer with Mike Cubillos of Earshot Media. They just recorded a new full length and I’m super proud of it. I’m also honoured to manage them alongside Mike; he rules.

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