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Andy Biersack Moving Due To Fan Harassment


Being a well known person can be an amazing thing, especially if you’re and artist or actor and people love you and value your work. While giving those loyal fans who basically fund your living expenses attention, everyone needs some time off and away, you know…privacy. With technology ever changing and allowing more of the world to be close and closer, privacy seems to be a soon to be foreign concept. With Panic! At The Disco’s frontman, Brendon Urie, recently this year announcing having to move, it goes to show that he and people like Andy Biersack are not excluded from fans wondering onto their property. If you’re a fan, or someone who knows where someone like Andy Biersack or Urie live, respect that and don’t disclose that information.

Andy Biersack took to Twitter to make the announcement and alert his followers of what was happening:

He then went on to make another announcement that this was not over safety concerns, while we echoed the sentiment of loving fan interactions, yet needing personal space as well. Posting the below tweet and a longer explanation which read in part:

…Today it [fan gifts on their property] culminated in an odd exchange in my front yard with 3 women, one of whom appeared to be very ill. I offered to help in any way I could…”

“…While this interaction occurred I noticed that one of the women was taking video and photos with her cell phone…”

 “…This compounded with other recent similar incidences have made it clear that we no longer have privacy at this location…”


Below is that tweet with the full message and story of what happened:

Andy Biersack has just recently starred in the new movie ‘American Satan’ which premiered in select theaters  last month and his band, Black Veil Brides, have been releasing new music for their next record, “Vale”, which you can hear one song below:

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