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Are we Expecting a new Thrice album soon? New album is almost completed


Are we expecting a new Thrice album soon? Could it even be ready by this year? Dustin Kensru posted earlier today that he almost completed the next record.

From Dustin’s Twitter

About to sing the second to last song for the new record. Can’t wait to finish. Making a record is absolutely exhausting and the pace on this one has been brutal. Super excited about the music though.

Thrice have always been famous for taking their time between releases. The last record they released was “To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere” in 2016. Luckily in November of 2017 we got a new track ‘Red Telephone’. Another Thrice classic with the band pushing musical boundaries once again. A new album would be quite welcoming right now.

At the end of last year the band was asked about any progress on a new record which got fans excited again on more new material.

Quote from Dustin Kensrue by Tastemakers

We’re deep in the middle of it, so we’re trying to have the general structure of what’s happening by the time this tour’s done. We are working on it a lot on the road right now, and we’ll be recording early next year. The record will probably come out in, like, mid to late summer? Yeah, we’re really excited about it. I have no idea how to describe the direction of it; it’s still coming together. But yeah, it’s exciting. I just solidified the top 20 ideas we’re trying to work on, because there were so many ideas that it was a bit overwhelming, so we had to kind of narrow it down.

Speaking of Dustin. For all you guitar nuts out there, Ernie Ball have announced his signature Music Man Stingray. To coinside with the release a new episode of “Inspired By” has been posted. Dustin talks about this guitar but also his love of music and guitar (duh).


It’s time. We are ready for a New Thrice record!

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