Beartooth Releases Heavy-Hitting Third Album


It’s here! The highly anticipated successor to 2016’s Aggressive arrived on Friday, marking the third album from Columbus hardcore punk outfit Beartooth.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been counting down the days until the album’s release. We were gifted four tracks from “Disease” over the past couple of months and they are phenomenal.

Same Old Shomo

Songs like “You Never Know” and “Bad Listener” remind us just how versatile lead singer Caleb Shomo is. Not only does the twenty-five year old provide bone-chilling screaming vocals for the group, he is also responsible for the more melodic, clean vocals. You know, the ones that make your girlfriend reconsider whether or not she really likes you. The former Attack Attack! frontman provides a plethora of services to our ears.

Beartooth Elevates Their Game

Having fallen in love with this new record in a matter of two days, we’re nothing but certain in our convictions. This is the best Beartooth product to date.

The album begins with a sweet little diddy called “Greathess or Death.” The track begins with Shomo’s voice massaging your scalp as an acoustic guitar whispers in the background. Just as you let your guard down and slouch back in your chair, the entire band punches you in your face. You don’t mind though, because the rest of the song is so masterfully composed that you forget all about the mini heart attack you just dealt with.

The title track showcases more of the band. In particular, it highlights heavy-hitting drummer Connor Denis. Denis, on this album, sounds like he was trying to destroy his drumset. That being said, we’re all for it.

First Record Without Taylor Lumley

Disease marks the first full album without former lead guitarist Taylor Lumley, who parted ways with Beartooth in April. It instead features former Like Moths to Flames guitarist Zach Huston, who has done a great job in Lumley’s absence and contributed to a magical third album.

Read about Taylor Lumley’s departure here.

See if Beartooth is coming to your city on their tour!

Tour dates for US and Europe

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