Blink-182 are back in Studio?!


Blink-182 are back… Well, sort of.

Bassist Mark Hoppus and drummer Travis Barker, 2/3 of the original lineup, have been teasing new songs through their respective social media pages- specifically Snapchat.

Travis Barker appeared in this picture taken from Hoppus’ Snapchat story.

One thing fans have noticed, though, is that Matt Skiba doesn’t appear in any of the images shared by Hoppus or Barker. Skiba joined the group for 2016’s California after the departure of longtime guitarist Tom DeLonge. Skiba seems to have fit Blink-182 like a glove, but can we expect a heartwarming reunion? Will Tom come back for his first album since Neighbourhoods in 2011?

While this would be a pleasant surprise for all of us, we don’t have an answer just yet. It could still be a while until anything big is revealed.

Hoppus, in March of 2017, confirmed that the group would begin writing new material later in the year. We can safely assume that they have been quietly working on new music for some time. Still the question remains, who will be the third member on their next album? Skiba, DeLonge, or somebody else? Can we expect another new face? Only time will tell.

Blink-182 are set to play over a dozen shows in Las Vegas

Amidst this speculation, the trio confirmed that they will be filling a residency in Las Vegas later this year. Dubbed the “Kings of the Weekend” tour, they will be performing 16 shows over 4 months. The punk ensemble was invited to do a residency at the Palms Casino Resort in Sin City. They very happily accepted the offer. Frontman Mark Hoppus even joked about marrying someone onstage, adding “The possibilities in Vegas are endless.”

One thing is for certain; many of us have been fans of the punk-rock juggernaut for two decades now, and our inner fanboy or fangirl will be set aflame if Tom DeLonge returns to bless us with his unique voice once again.

Tour dates for the punk-rock outfit:


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