Don Broco

Broco strikes back over sexual allegations


It has been an intense week for many bands being caught up in serious allegations, one of these being UK rockers Don Broco. These allegations first came to light via Twitter in the past day and the band offer a quick response stating that they “recently landed in the US and have been made aware of the allegations that have been made on social media today against one of the band members. We take the allegations seriously and will be responding shortly.” Since then fans have been waiting anxiously on a further statement from the band.

Today the band made their official statement and offered a very stern response in regards to these allegations with vocalist Rob stating “I totally refute the allegations made against me. They are untrue and defamatory. The matter is now in the hands of my legal representatives who will be instructed to take the appropriate action.”

With several stories coming out around sexual misconduct of bands it put things in a very delicate situation. While we would never want anyone to feel like they couldn’t come forward with an injustice Broco’s response is a strong reminder of how serious a false allegation can be. A false allegation that could be both career ending and life destroying.

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