Carrollhood (Underoath + Anberlin + Say Anything) Release New Song


While we got the blessing of having Underoath back as a band in 2016, Anberlin is still a done deal although that doesn’t mean the members themselves are done. Stephen Christian has had another band called Anchor & Braille for a few years now, and just this year released a Christian album under his own name. Other members of the band are also in the now regrouped Acceptance, an influential band in the early 00s who also dropped a record earlier this year. That brings us to Nate Young, another member of Anberlin who is now resurfacing with Underoath’s Tim McTague with their band called Carrollhood. Reed Murray who has been in Say Anything the last few years is a member as well!

New But Also Been There

For the masses, this band may not mean much, but to others they have been going on for a good bit now. Carrollhood released a three song EP in 2013 called ‘Violence’ which you can listen to here:

Carrollhood has a synthwave style of alternative pop, which is different than Anberlin and certainly the heavy Underoath. It was recently discovered via their website that they have released a brand new song and have announce a show! Their facebook page hasn’t been posted to since 2016, but they are up to something! The song is streaming on Soundcloud under Tim McTague’s URL. Stream it below:

The show is also there which is slated for January 12 of next year at Crowbar.

McTague is also a producer outside of his role of Underoath and Carrollhood in which he produced the new band LIMBS’ debut for Equal Vision Records.

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