Introducing “Domestic La La Records”, a new label from Violent Soho’s guitarist


Never mind selling out massive tours and Aria nods, Violent Soho’s guitarist James Tidswell has gone and founded a new record label. Domestic La La Records is Tidswell’s dream come true, and he has kicked things off by signing two of Australia’s best upcoming artists: Dear Seattle (Sydney) and West Thebarton (Adelaide).

“In the beginning I actually just wanted to manage Violent Soho or put out their record, but they ended up needing a guitarist so I went with that instead,” says Tidswell, “I sold my first car to put out the first Violent Soho EP… I resigned from a job to get a severance package to put money in towards the We Don’t Belong Here album. I was lucky enough that Soho ended up getting a big record deal back in the day … and that was where I stopped pursuing that side and started enjoying just playing in the band.”

Domestic La La Records has partnered with Australia’s alternative label giant UNIFIED Music Group to make Tidswell’s dream possible Tidswell says he is drawing on his experiences in Violent Soho to better understand the bands he signs and the work required.

“It’s left me with a complete and total understanding of everything a band can go through and I can always see from their perspective,” he says. “Sometimes being in a band can feel like the people on the other side don’t truly understand why certain things are so important to you, or why you have to do things a certain way, even if it is more work.”

Interestingly, Domestic La La Records is also launching a 7″ subscription service called the “Domestic La La Record Club”. It’s goal is to have bands team up on double A-side releases 10 times a year. Personally, this sounds like a really unique initiative in the music industry, and am excited to see how it blooms.

You can check out Domestic La La Records’ official website HERE.

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