The Ghost Inside return

The Ghost Inside have their first practice since 2015


The Ghost Inside just had their first practice since 2015. I repeat, The Ghost Inside have had their first practice!

Two and a half years ago, The Ghost Inside were involved in a tragic accident that claimed the life of two drivers and injured multiple members of the band. Drummer Andrew Tkacyk lost his right leg, guitarist Zach Johnson underwent over ten surgeries and vocalist Jonathon Vigil with many back and ankle problems causing issues walking.

Recently celebrating the ten-year anniversary of their debut album “Fury And The Fallen Ones” The Ghost Inside had a Facebook Q&A session where fans got to ask any question they liked and the band got to reminisce on their 10 year anniversary. But most importantly. This was the first time the band have been together and were interacting with each other since the crash.

You can watch the feed here.

The next day the band tweeted

2.5 years ago everything about this band hit the pause button,Last night, together, we finally pushed play. No crazy secret announcements, just the first step of a journey that we hope you will continue to share with us.

Fans were quite excited but knew it would still be some time before we would hear any more from the band. But, we were wrong. Days later the band returned to Facebook at their rehearsal space for their very first practise. Sadly, no one got to see the practise itself though. Bassist Jim Riley explained “Lord only knows what’s it going to sound like” However, the band did document the rehearsal should they decide to use in the future.

You can a watch that video here.

Band members hit their social media’s after. Guitarist Zach posted on his twitter and quoted.

My little corner. After 2+ years, this is the best feeling I’ve ever had. Thank you to everyone for sticking with us. We love you.

Vocalist, Jonathon Vigil kept it simple on his twitter account.

It’s not much, but it’s a start

The Ghost Inside first practise
The Ghost Inside first practice

What does this mean now? Could there be a possibility of a Warped Tour date? We do not now and and honestly it’s just great to see the band back!

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