Interview with Ambleside on their latest single “Blur” and “The Mortal Coil” tour


Adelaide’s very own Ambleside have just kicked off their first sold out show of Polaris’ “The Mortal Coil” tour last night at The Triffid in Brisbane. Ambleside released their latest single “Blur” through Dreambound on Wednesday, accompanied by a dynamic film clip which was shot, animated, and edited by Kieran from Crystal Arrow Films. Produced, mixed and mastered by Shane Edwards of Karma Sound Studios and recorded by Lachy Pitcher of Depict Studios, this latest single sees Ambleside nail the melodic hardcore sound that they do so well that fans have all come to know and love. Check out the video for “Blur” below and let us know what you think in the comments section.


I attended the Brisbane show of “The Mortal Coil” tour at The Triffid last night and was fortunate enough to get a chance to talk with the guys from Ambleside and their videographer Kieran after the show.


Andrew: What’s it like having the opportunity to play on this tour with Polaris, The Plot In You, and Tapestry, where every show has now sold out?

Daniel: Man it’s pretty wild. It’s amazing to see our friends that have grown so far, like we played I think our very first Melbourne show with Polaris in Lillydale, and it was terrible. So like, watching them play to a sold out room of almost 800 people is pretty surreal, it’s chaotic.

Jackson: Lillydale had like 40 payers or something, like it was really small.  

Daniel: It’s cool to be able to get together again and just see how far both of us have come.


Andrew: How did you come up with the concept for your latest film clip “Blur” and what was it like filming/editing it?

Kieran: I was in New Zealand on a holiday for a couple of weeks, bit of a recharger cause I seem to work non-stop the rest of the time. I was literally just sort of day dreaming out the window, and I do this weird thing sometimes where when I’m driving I sort of picture what’s going on outside of the car window on the streets, and that evolved to the concept I guess you saw where Jaz (who’s our protagonist, the main character) is walking down a street animated, and the trials and tribulations of his character I guess as he passes through those walls.

I basically told Jackson about it, he was on board straight away, like as soon as I gave him that concept he was like ‘yes!’. We fleshed it out a bit from there, and we added the swimming part and the band live action shots to give it a bit of a feeling of both. Then we shot it all in front of a green screen, we painted a treadmill to make the animations with Jaz. We spent a couple of hours with him just playing around on a treadmill, and then I spent about eight days (eight very very long days) piecing it together, animating it all, and hoping my computer wouldn’t blow up the entire time. We ended up with what we got, and I think yeah we’re all pretty happy with it.


Andrew: We haven’t seen you in Brisbane for a bit, but It’s obvious you guys have been pretty busy behind the scenes – what has that time looked like for Ambleside?

Jackson: We’ve actually been pretty busy. We’re writing behind the scenes, we’re working on a new album basically, and it’s sort of gotten to the point where cause we’re pretty slow writers I guess it would look like we’re being quite dormant, not doing anything. So we put “Blur” out to just remind people that we’re actually active and working hard. Yeah behind the scenes it’s been working on the album, flat out, like we’ve been practicing twice a week, just really starting to work out songs and stuff. We’re working on also doing a bit of a sound change a little bit as well, so we’re being quite careful and trying to sort out what we’re doing next.  

Andrew: And finally, what should we expect from the Ambleside camp for 2018?

Jonathan: An album, hopefully.

Kieran: If it was my timeline it would be a full album this year.

Daniel: If not this year, definitely next year.

Jackson: It’s gotta be this year.

Daniel: That’s what I’ve been saying the whole time.

Andrew: Awesome, thanks so much for your time guys, best of luck with the remaining shows.

Also joining Polaris on their “Mortal Coil” Australian tour with Ambleside, all the way from the US, The Plot In You, as well as Northern Territory’s Tapestry. Massive thanks once again is due to the team at Destroy All Lines, Resist Records, and Triple J for bringing through such a stellar line up. If last night’s show was anything to go by, the remaining dates on this tour are going to be mental. If you haven’t got a ticket yet, find a friend selling one like I did, or alternatively there were 10 door tickets available last night – I’m not sure if this will be the case in other cities as well. “The Mortal Coil” tour hits Sydney tonight at The Factory Theatre.

The remaining tour dates are below, and the tour event links can be found HERE.


Thursday 12th April: Amplifier Bar, Perth 18+

***SOLD OUT***


Friday 13th April: The Triffid, Brisbane Lic AA

***SOLD OUT***


Saturday 14th April: The Factory Theatre, Sydney Lic AA

***SOLD OUT***



Wednesday 18th April: Corner Hotel, Melbourne 18+

***SOLD OUT***


Thursday 19th April: Fowlers Live, Adelaide Lic AA

***SOLD OUT***


Friday 20th April: Arrow On Swanston, Melbourne AA

*** SOLD OUT***


Saturday 21st April: Corner Hotel, Melbourne 18+

***SOLD OUT***

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