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Looks like Justin Shekoski is no longer in The Used


Looks like Justin Shekoski is no Longer in The Used, but why?

Speculation has been running rampant! Firstly, the band have taken Justin Shekoski’s name off all social media platforms and recently, current photos only features vocalist Bert McCraken, bassist Jepha Howard and drummer Dan Whitesides. Justin Shekoski has also stated on his Instagram as “Previously of The Used”.

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From Saosin to The Used

In 2015, Justin was originally a fill-in for The Used and announced his departure from Saosin. Later, he announced he was joining The Used full time.

Justin posted.

“After years of writing and waiting to produce a new record. Some of the members of Saosin have decided to end our 13 year relationship for questionable reasons. This was a shock to me. Even though all of this happened a few months ago, I’m still processing it. I’m sure I’ll discuss this in greater detail at a later time. One thing I can be sure of is that I could not and would not have done anything differently over the past years. The shows were some of the best we have ever played. It truly seemed as if everyone was happy and positivity was at an all-time high. I was proud of the new music we were creating and to be turned away right before we tracked the record that we had spent years writing and our entire career working towards is saddening at best and angering at worst. If anyone’s heart or commitment to Saosin could have possibly been in question, it certainly wasn’t mine, ever. C’est la vie.”

There not yet been any statement from either Justin or The Used if he has indeed left or kicked out. Expect something in regards to it in the near future.

If not Justin Shekoski, then who?

The Used have just started their american tour alongside The Fever 333 and  Red Sun Rising. Currently, Joey Bradford from Hell or Highwater  is filling in for the tour. No word as of yet if this is permanent. Who knows, maybe original guitarist Quinn will return to the fold?


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