Light The Torch (FKA Devil You Know) Announce Album + New song


The band formerly known as Devil You Know have kept quiet for the past year, but have resurfaced as Light The Torch and will be releasing their highly anticipated album on March 30th via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. 

Howard explains the name change and the departure of drummer John Sankey, who looks to be the reason of the name change and caused quite a stir! Also remember this is the same guy who was meant to ‘save’ Australia’s Soundwave Festival with Legion Festival in 2017 which, surprise surprise, never went off the ground.

“2016 was a really tough year for us as a band, both personally and professionally, while going through some lineup changes, we were also battling some issues with the use of our band name. At the same time, I was trying to deal with the loss of my oldest brother, which really hit me hard. During that time, we just bonded like never before. We all meshed because we faced war together. We survived. At the end, we realized we were a real band and decided to make an album representing that resilience. Honestly, we came out of the dark. The name literally signifies what we went through.”

While Light The Torch is a much rockier affair, having Howard Jones as your frontman will always be a winner in my books.

Light The Torch – “Revival” tracklisting

1. Die Alone
2. The God I Deserve
3. Calm Before the Storm
4. Raise the Dead
5. The Safety of Disbelief
6. Virus
7. The Great Divide
8. The Bitter End
9. Lost in the Fire
10. The Sound of Violence
11. Pull My Heart Out
12. Judas Convention

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