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The working week is over, it’s 8:30pm, and I’ve just walked into Crowbar in the Valley to watch some bands; no better place to be on a Friday night! A massive thanks to Metropolis Touring for inviting us along tonight. As a huge fan of Saliva since their early days, it was an awesome opportunity to see the band grace the stage on their first ever Australian tour.

I’ve walked in with just enough time to grab a beer before the first band A Breach Of Silence begins.

The first song is “Fair Weather Friends” and A Breach Of Silence are opening with a sampled intro. The members step on stage and immediately get into it. With blast beats straight off the bat, the punters right on the barrier are vibing it. Their clean vocalist Blair Layt filled out the chorus well, however the verse after that was a little choppy. Towards the end of this song people were beginning to move around. It’s been a while since I’ve seen A Breach Of Silence live so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from them. Song two begins; a very enthusiastic punter sings along to all the words, even starting his own mosh pit. This second song “Falling Away” was a great fit with the night, giving me a throwback to blasting Saliva’s “Every Six Seconds” album the whole way to the gig. Track four was “There Will Be Blood” which is taken from their first album. This track picks the tempo right back up, straight into yelling vocals, ferocious blasts, and a heavy beatdown in the first 30 seconds alone.

The next band up is Smoking Martha, a band I hadn’t really heard of before tonight. More and more people were starting to trickle in now. (A notable mention goes to the sound guy for his sick nu-metal/metalcore playlist filling out between the bands).

Smoking Martha kick into their first song without an introduction. It’s s slow classic rock sounding beat with a guitar riff that reminds me of “96 Quite Butter Beings” by CKY. I heard the female vocalist belt it into the chorus before I made it to front of the crowd. This band was a change of pace from A Breach Of Silence. Track two entitled “To The Stars” starts off with an almost country riff. It wasn’t until track three that the band picked the energy back up with fast drum beats and catchy guitar riffs. Track four was a new song, which the bassist explained they’ll be bringing out in the near future. It must have taken the band a few songs to warm up, because despite not being as fast as track three, this song had a great energy to it. Overall Smoking Martha sounded like great musicians, I’m just not sure this act suited the rest of the bill.

A short break between bands and the main attraction is ready to take the stage.

The guitar tech walks off and the band members take the stage. The crowd cheers as song one “Ladies And Gentlemen” kicks in with its heavy nu-metal verse into the catchy clean sung choruses. By this stage the whole crowd had moved forward forming a sea of metal horns up in the air. The front man Bobby Amaru needs no help pumping the crowd up. Next up is “Superstar”, and I’m so stoked they have one of their classic hits so early in the set. Too often when watching a bigger touring act you won’t hear their best hits until the end of their set. This song had the crowd pumped. “Survival” keeps the energy going and the crowd is bouncing up and down once again. The band remarked how excited they were to be experiencing Australia’s warm weather after the freezing cold of their most recent European tour.

Next up is “Doperide”, brought in with a whole crowd high five. Saliva know their long time Aussie fans have been hanging out for their hit songs in the set list. This last track proceeds to trail off into a medley of “Another Brick In The Wall”, which the crowd sings back at the band. Saliva take the opportunity at this point of the set to slow it down, with Bobby Amaru picking up the acoustic guitar and belting out his clean vocals. He continues to play a few acoustic covers by bands such as Alice in Chains, Brittany Spears, and Silverchair. They then pick it back up with one of their softer songs “Always” taken from their “Back Into Your System” album released in 2002. Finishing the set off with crowd favourites “Click, Click, Boom” and “Your Disease”, this is definitely a set you’re not going to want to miss if you’re a fan of the band.

Sydney and Perth you’re up next, make sure you don’t miss out on picking up tickets from the link below:

Saturday 17th February – The Bald Faced Stag, Sydney

Sunday 18th February – Rosemount Hotel, Perth

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