Three Cheers to a Sweet Reuinion, My Chemical Romance to play Warped?


Well that didn’t take long. It has only been less than a week and already some heavy hitters are being mentioned for the last Vans Warped Tour. Who has been the no.1 artist? My Chemical Romance of course!

Love them or hate them, My Chemical Romance have one of the most dedicated fan bases in the Punk/Emo scene and still to this day even though the band broke up in 2013, their fan base is still dedicated than ever .If there is a smidge of hope that the band will reunite for warped their fanbase will literally erupt.

The petition reads:

My Chemical Romance should reunite & headline the last warped tour to end it on the note of “so long, and goodnight.”
Imagine all the weeping and screaming scene kids and adults.
Imagine all the money Vans Warped Tour could rack in too.
Many voices will be lost for weeks afterwards. Let’s make this happen! Let it be known, this is what the people want! If you’re gonna end warped tour, end it right!!!

If you would like to sign the petition all you need to do is to click Here. 

Who else would you like to reform for Warped this next year? If i had to choose 5 right now I can easily say Anberlin, Armour For Sleep, Saosin (But, with Cove Reber so we can hear their debut record in full) Poison The Well and Chiodos. Who would be your top 5?



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