Mysterious Guns N’ Roses posters appear around the world


It’s been 27 years since the original lineup of American rock band Guns N’ Roses graced the stage together. Recent events, however, have raised speculation that 2018 will see the five original members (Axl Rose, Slash, Duff McKagan, Steven Adler, and Izzy Stradlin) back together again.

Questions were first raised when people started to notice posters featuring these original members on billboards in London. Since then they have started to appear in more places around the world. This includes cities in North America, Japan, Canada, and Australia.

The posters depict the original 5 members of Guns N’ Roses in the artwork style of the band’s debut, “Appetite for Destruction”. They also include a website, and the hashtag #appetitefordestruction.

The website features a countdown that is set to end at 12am on Friday the 4th of May, as well as the tag “DESTRUCTION IS COMING”. Astute fans will also notice that the background of this site contains a map of the world, covered in purple dots that highlight those cities around the globe in which these posters have manifested.

What Can This Mean For Fans?

Fans of the band are already speculating online about what this sudden appearance of posters could mean. Many believe that this is the announcement of a World Tour featuring the original lineup. Others believe that we will see a re-release or deluxe edition of the band’s debut album “Appetite for Destruction”. Unfortunately, the only way we can know for sure is to wait for the countdown to reach zero.

Follow the countdown for yourself HERE

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