Back again with new tunes: Dance Gavin Dance and more!



Dance Gavin Dance – Midnight Crusade


Oh Dance Gavin Dance can you do no wrong? ‘Midnight Crusade’ has all the elements that we love from the band but with a bit more gruff! The new clip is interesting but when have they not pushed the boundaries of film clips? I’ll say no more, but if your an anime Artificial Intelligence type of fan, then this is up your alley. New album “Artificial Selection” out later this year, and you can pre-order now with some insane bundles at (Cassette tapes are coming back!).

The Word Alive – Red Clouds

The Word Alive are back! Even though they have been touring extensively in America and Europe, they have been quiet in regards to any new music. Finally, we get a taste of some new material and its….pretty damn heavy! “Violent Noise” comes out May 4th through Fearless Records.

Dream on Dreamer – Let It In


Dream on Dreamer return with ‘Let It In’ off their new album ’It Comes And Goes’ out May 25th. One thing i have always loved about this band is they are not afraid to push the boundaries of their music and this track is no exception. The biggest change by far is the lack of screaming and more give and take between Marcel and Zach but do not worry! This track packs a punch and honestly, this band goes from strength to strength  Grab your pre order now through

Stand Atlantic – Chemicals

One of my favourite up and coming Australian bands Stand Atlantic release Chemicals which is off their EP “Sidewinder” which is out now through Rude Records. The song is another high energy track from the band. Hopefully some new material soon?

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