Outline In Color

Outline In Color, back with a new record!


It has felt like forever since Outline In Color first teased us with hints for a new album but the wait is finally over! There is finally a release date set and we have been lucky enough to get our hands on the self titled record early for a review.

First track in and right from the get go it’s obvious that the band has really taken the time to focus on the songwriting. Both musically and vocally there are so many infectious hooks that really draw you in and make a home for themselves in the back in your head well after listening to the songs.

There is a huge step up from the band on the production side of things as well which is even more impressive when you learn that the album was completely recorded, mixed and mastered by their own guitarist Seejay.

“You hear about people writing a record, and having one person basically take over and create it themselves. This record was a collective effort from every single person in this band. We all had input, and that’s a huge part of what makes it so great” says vocalist Jonathan Grimes.

You can listen to their first single off the record “Broken Record” on all streaming platforms right now!

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