Parkway Drive

Parkway Drive releases new track ‘Prey’


Parkway Drive have pushed the envelope even further with the third single ‘Prey’ off the upcoming album “Reverence”, releasing on May 4 via Epitaph Records.

Winston McCall spoke to Rock Sound about Parkway Drive’s musical evolution, saying:

“Very early on, we were, like, ‘Let’s just write whatever the hell we want. “Ire” was written in a way where we were searching for reinvention. It was really difficult and stressful. It was breaking our old walls down and forging something new out of it for us. Trying to find what we really liked and what we still loved and fusing the two together. It was going somewhere too scary for us too. So this time around, coming off the back of “Ire”, which is the most successful thing we’ve ever created, it was just us saying that we’re going to do whatever the fuck we want. It was really awesome and it made writing the album really easy musically.

We were so terrified. The band became far more successful than we ever hoped, and we were like, ‘Shit! Do we stop now?’ Vice Grip was the ‘what the fuck’ moment, then the rest of it everyone was, like, ‘Yeah, I get it.’ This record, though, there is far more variation, but there isn’t going to be anything that shocks anyone. Parkway Drive  is still there, but we are there in a far different way.

Since “Ire”, Parkway have been pushing the boundaries of heavy music while keeping their core sound. From the hardcore days of “Killing With A Smile” to the Bon Jovi loving “Ire” record. Parkway Drive are always willing to experiment and push their limitations, but the musical intensity and Winston’s powerhouse vocals will always be the core of the band.


Winston explains that the lyrical theme of “Reverence” refers to tragedies experienced by the band.

“We took stock of what we had and realised what actually mattered,”

“What we went through was horrendous. I hope ‘Reverence’ is the kind of album that redefines what people expect of us, in the sense that you can now expect the unexpected.
Quote from Winston McCall in NME

One thing of note is Winston’s dance moves as of late. For all our international readers out there, its quite reminiscent to the great Australian band Midnight Oil. Don’t believe me? See for yourself then and compare both clips.

See you on the dance floor, Winnie.

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