The Plot In You release new track ‘Not Just Breathing’



Is the catchy line from the new release ‘Not Just Breathing by American metalcore band The Plot In You.  Smashing out 42 thousand views on YouTube in less than 24 hours, it is in much anticipation of their fourth studio album ‘Dispose’ out 16th FEB 2018 via Fearless Records.  The upcoming LP is already up for pre-order via iTunes. Most importantly featuring both the new track and previous track ‘Feel Nothing’.

After changing their name from Vessels to The Plot In You; they released second LP “Could You Watch Your Children Burn” (Rise Records) featuring the well-known track ‘Troll’. 2015 brought us “Happiness in Self Destruction” along with some of our favourite tracks ‘My Old Ways’ and ‘Take Me Away’ and leaving, in my opinion, one of the best tracks as a B-side.


Over the years we’ve watched a lot of our favourite metalcore bands turn the more melodic hardcore direction. It’s worked out well for fellow artists Bring Me The Horizon after their “That’s the Spirit” released also in 2015. Singer-songwriter Landon Tewers has found yet another way of expressing his angry and repressed feelings into something great with the perfect teen-horror film clip to match.

The track is about cutting ties with someone who is a dead weight in your life and dragging you down,Tewers says. “Always hoping for the best for that person but coming to terms with the fact that you need to move on with your life in a separate direction from them.”

It looks like 2018 is going to be a promising year.

the plot in you dispose

“Dispose” tracklisting:

  1. Rigged
  2. Not Just Breathing
  3. One Last Time
  4. I Always Wanted to Leave
  5. Feel Nothing
  6. Happy
  7. The One You Loved
  8. Paid in Full
  9. The Sound
  10. Disposable Fix



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