Deathcore Band PORTALS Just Played In A Waffle House and We’re All About It


A lot of DIY bands are used to playing in interesting locations. We’ve seen shows in garages, barns, community spaces, but very rarely do we see something like this. (Skip to 2:02 to start the music)

Illinois Deathcore band PORTALS just played a (brief) set in a Louisiana Waffle House. They only got a few minutes in before an employee had to take a phone call, but they managed to get through about five minutes of music before stopping the live feed. We asked guitarist James McHenry how he managed to “land the gig”.

“We started hitting the road after our show in Lafayette got cancelled, and we stopped at a Waffle House to grab food and the waiter asked what brought us to a Waffle House on a Monday night. We told him we played in a band, and he told us that we could play there. We thought he was kidding at first, but we ended up actually playing there.”
We’re still waiting for a full PORTALS Waffle House Tour. There have been a couple of other examples of unlikely settings for shows in the DIY scene recently, including this one in West Virginia where a show got cancelled and relocated to Food Mart.

PANGAEA and PORTALS (above) are currently on the “DEMONS OF FALL” Tour (Arkham Agency, Wavelink Agency)
Click for full poster and dates.
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  1. Brad Schmidt 1 year ago

    Look it up. Copying is a form of flattery.
    Archarus waffle house

    Has already been done. Good work though!

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