Sevendust unleashes powerful new album “All I See is War”


The Atlanta boys Sevendust have been hitting us with emotionally rich tunes since 1994. In our opinion, they are getting better and better with every record. Their new release “All I See is War” via Rise Records hit the scene on the 11 of May. “All I See is War” is a hard-hitting album that doesn’t hold back the punches. The best place to understand it is through the words of the men themselves.

Stated on the bands own Facebook page, they simply “made a Sevendust record.”

“We’re as polarized as we’ve ever been,” says guitarist John Connolly. “Discussion is not happening. Everyone is so quick to snap online. We’re not listening. We’re just talking. In these songs, we don’t sugar-coat what’s going on. For as dark as the subject matter may be, it’s about hope. We know we can be in a better spot because we’ve seen so many different individuals come together around music.”

The boys dropped three singles on us before the release of their album.  Starting with ‘Dirty’, this one was a kick to the face straight out of the gate! They only got stronger with their next single ‘Not Original’ and then ‘Medicated’ all of which have been greatly received by the fans and critics alike. If you have not had a chance to pick it up yet you are in luck because the guys are streaming it for all music lovers to enjoy through Apple music, Spotify, iTunes and Google Play.

We found this album to be exceptional and highly recommend checking it out.

Trust when we say you will not be disappointed.

You can check out “All I See is War” in the links below

Spotify HERE

Google Play HERE

Apple Music HERE

Check out the band’s official website HERE

Check out the band’s official facebook HERE

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