Phillip Sneed Departure

Story Of The Year Announce departure of guitarist Phillip Sneed

Story Of The Year Departure
Story Of The Year with Phillip Sneed

Well, seems there is a bit of drama and some shuffling happening in the Story Of The Year camp recently. Firstly, the announcement of  guitarist Phillip Sneep’s departure from the band.

 It seems he has been supposedly let go ahead of their Australian tour.

You can read Phil’s statement below:

It’s with a broken heart that I confirm that Story Of The Year has decided to move on as a band without me. Shortly after performing for two back to back sold out shows I learned, through management, that the band had chosen to do so. To be clear, this was not mutual or voluntary on my part.  This isn’t what I’ll choose to remember though. What I will choose to remember, and keep near to my heart, is the FIFTEEN years of sacrifice, dedication, loyalty, fun and hard work that were given to this band and the incredible amount of PEOPLE, experiences, bands, crew, relationships, education and love that was given back to us throughout this amazing ride.

  What I was able to do in my youth is nothing short of an undeserved gift and miracle given to me by each and every fan, friend and supporter of our band over these 15 years. I will forever be in the debt to my fans across the planet!  I now know dozens of personalities, hundreds of names and thousands of people’s faces on a personal level that continue to be a very real and important part of my life and who I am. You all know who you are and my love for you. Do I wish things were different?

 Of course. But I will not allow this or anything to sour my now or my future and what is in my control. I wish this could go on forever. I certainly wish it didn’t end like this but I will continue to strive for growth in all of the new chapters of my life. Moving forward, I’ll continue to put my family first and pour my passion and love for music into my other projects. I am living many of my dreams and enjoy being a part of the #1 morning radio show/podcast The @RizzShow on 105.7 The Point. We are also preparing the release of a new @GreekFire record and I’m touring our new @GoldfingerMusic record ‘The Knife’! Life is good. I love you all, across the globe, and I hope to see each one of you soon. In the immortal words of Dr. Peter Venkman…

“See you on the other side, Ray.”


The band didn’t wait long either though with Phillip’s departure. With their newest video clip ‘How Can We Go On’ which seems to be edited quite well without Phil.

The Return of “The Skull”

Besides all the controversy in regards to the band. From this clip alone you can see the band still rips (with or without Phil). I am sure going to miss those amazing harmonies.

It doesn’t end there! With the departure of Phil. The band announce the return of original bassist Adam ‘The Skull’. All I can say with all the drama: Story Of The Year could start a soap opera.I have the perfect name too! ‘Page Avenue’.

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