The 1975 music for cars

The 1975 have upped the ante with more cryptic messages


Oh, The 1975 are getting cryptic again! Last week Rocknation reported that the 1975 were about to announce something new. Sadly, that did not come to fruition. BUT!… Over the weekend, cryptic posters began appearing in London and Manchester, finally teasing the band’s third album “Music For Cars”. Alongside the cryptic posters, a countdown has also started on the bands official site.

On Sunday night, it was followed by a social media post. Titled ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’, featuring what could be lyrics to said song.

1975 Crystic Message

First Disobey; then look at your phones

A pretty damn good theory has also surfaced from the posters. One fan suggested the title on the posters”First Disobey; then look at your phones” relates to protests in Paris back in 1969.

A fan posted on twitter.

“The Paris 1968 protests were in May… what if the 1975 are “protesting” from now until June 1st? There could be more posters / messages to come”

After said fan pointed this out. The theory was then ‘liked’ by frontman Matt Healy. That is no coincidence! Could this give an indication on a release date?

Another fan, later posted on their twitter this picture.

"First, Disobey; Then write on the walls" from the Paris protests
“First, Disobey; Then write on the walls”  graffiti from the Paris protests

This image ties in perfectly in with the “First Disobey; then look at your phones” quite, which is featured on The 1975 posters throughout.

Those protests ran from May 2nd until 3rd June. May 2nd. Stay calm people, this may be the moment we have been waiting for!

But wait, theres still more!

Around 12 hours ago. The group posted on twitter a link to the bands official website. What is on it you ask? ITS A COUNTDOWN!  To view, click here. 

The website features said countdown, accompanied by a beautiful piano piece and some interesting imagery on loop. Well,guess we have to wait a little longer but at least we have a countdown!



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