Underoath Addresses ‘Bonus Track Backlash’


If it’s not the use of the ‘f bomb’ or the change of style, Underoath have found another reason people are being very disgruntled at them. When their blistering and infectiously catchy new record ‘Erase Me’ was released last Friday, fans were shocked that Target has exclusive copies with two bonus tracks.

That’s right. People are literally mad one place had a CD (what even are those now?!) with two extra songs. Fans are claiming had they known this, they would’ve held off to buy it or they feel like Underoath are cash grabbing from people, and in reality it’s just stupid.

Today on his Instagram story, frontman Spencer Chamberlain posted that they didn’t pick Target nor were they aware a copy with bonus content was being released.  As he says last in his post, you can find it on the internet…It is 2018.

Check the photo below:



Underoath’s ‘Erase Me: can be found HERE or you can get the ‘money grabbing’ copy at your local Target.

On the change of sound and lyrical content, Underoath has said it is the happiest and healthiest they’e ever been and honestly I could care less about a style change because their mental health and person well being comes first.

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  1. Hector M Alicea Torres 10 months ago

    Currently, Fearless Records has unveiled over eight — vinyl — variants of Underoath’s “Erase Me”. During the Pre Order stage, select bundles or vinyl variants were raised in price right before the customers eyes. As some items sold, having less in stock, the price rose. The “money grab” statement came to light during that process or event; Target Exclusives, Test Pressings, and an exaggerated amount of variants just contributed to the cause or statement. In addition, I believe — although I could be wrong — this is the first time Fearless Records releases so many variants for one release; from Rise Records, it’s to be expected, but from Fearless Records? Odd. Movements was one of those acts with a high amount of variants as well, but did not reach over 8 variants, for their standard “12 Vinyl release of “Feel Something” within their First Pressing. Represses? Totally different story, for the referenced acts and many more.

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