Underoath’s Chris Dudley Reveals Album Secrets


Behind every great album, song, or if you’re Underoath, career, there are many things that fans do not know happened in the making of the art that changed their lives. Today Chris Dudley shared some of the hidden facts behind some of your favorite Underoath songs.

Cries Of The Past

One of the two only EP’s is where we will start though Dudley posted them in random order. This was the first recording in which Dudley made an appearance on. Check out his fact behind the song ‘And I Dreamt Of You’:

The Changing Of Times

This was the first full length record by Underoath and the last to feature the original frontman Dallas Taylor. We can also hear clean singing for the first time, though not as often as later records would show. Check out some of the facts on some of the songs below!

They’re Only Chasing Safety

This is what would go on to be one of the records to define the legacy of Underoath as who we know them to be in the modern era. This record also is a standout as it is by far the poppiest and catchiest record in their discography. What was to come next was an onslaught the heavy music world was not ready for. Check out some of the facts behind songs off this icon in the alternative music world.

Define The Great Line

This is probably the fan favorite and the one many grew up knowing best. ‘Writing On The Walls’ is probably the most known Underoath song. So let’s take a look at some of the unknown things that happened during this very influential and iconic album.

Lost In The Sound Of Separation

This is the last record that featured original drummer and member Aaron Gillespie. It was this album cycle that we saw him leave the band, only to return again on their ‘farewell tour’ in Florida to play a few songs on. We know now obviously he is back full time ever since the ‘rebirth’ tour. Next year marks ten years since this record came out and so let’s check some interesting things about it.


The final full length we have from Underoath, for now that is. 2018 looks promising, so we are holding on strong it’ll happen. This record was the only one without Aaron Gillespie in which we saw Daniel Davidson, formerly of Norma Jean on drums. Davidson is now with the legendary Every Time I Die. Below are the facts for this record.

So there we have it! Some rather unknown things about some of the songs brought to you by Chris Dudley of Underoath. Below you can see his Instagram so you can go follow him.


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