What To Pack For Tour 101


Packing for tour?

So, if you just found out that you’re going on tour, you’re probably already thinking about what you need to pack.

Trying to gather everything you will need to live on the road for months at a time can be very stressfull. Especially when you have very limited space – I.e. bus, van, plane, etc.

Whether you’re a seasoned tour veteran or a first time roadie you can always use a good basic checklist so you don’t forget anything!

(Girls and guys too! Certain items will be marked for one or the other, but they’re kind self explanatory as to why)

What to pack

Below is a list of must haves in your bags.         I limited it to three bags total. I am giving my brand recommendations for what I think works best.

A Duffel Bag, very small suitcase, and carry on/personal bag.


Duffel Bag (Gonex- Extra Large Light Weight):

– four pairs of socks

(don’t need to get hypothermia on your feet when you don’t have time to do laundry.)

– Small boots

– vans sneakers

– two sweatshirts (pull & zip)

– three plain T-shirtless

– one long sleeve shirt

– two pairs of stretch pants/or sweatpants

– three tank tops

– two weeks worth of underwear (once again ya don’t know when the next laundry day will be)

– 3 bras (girls only + guys you can ignore this)

– vest and light lacket

– two light overshirts

– 3 pair of jeans

– sleep pants and shirt

-gloves and beanie


Carry-On/Personal Bag (Haynes Carry-on eagle backpack – three cube):

– sunglasses

– glasses and an extra pair (if you wear them)

– phone charger

– power inverter

– headphones

– ear plugs

– ID

-Wallet & money

– passport

– hand cleaner

– makeup (stage or regular)

– snacks

– pads or tampons (girls – guys dismiss)


(I cannot stress this enough. ALWAYS. Have. Your. Meds. With. You… if you’re flying have them in your bag Incase your suitcase gets lost)

• make sure you take anti-nausea pills with you before hand

• eye drops

• nasal spray (Incase someone’s sick)

• cough drops (fog machines can dry ya out real good)


Small Suit Case (travelers club small case with cup holder):

– Extension Cord

-WiFi Jetpack

– laptop & cord

– camera & batteies

– pars or tampons (girls – guys ignore)

– summers eve wipes (gotta stay fresh between showers ladies – guys ignore)

– baby wipes (also to keep fresh. Sweat sucks)

– underarm deodorant

– hair dry shampoo

– first aid kit

– sewing kit

– umbrella

– hair brush

– toothpaste & tooth brush

– razors

– heating pad (for cold nights on the bus)

– batteries

– perfume/ cologne

– Medication (IF NOT AIR TRAVEL)

– as much food as possible that you can fit

(you don’t know where your first stop will be at a store)

– instant coffee & sugar (so you’ll always have fuel on the go)


Bonus items:

  • Watch – always wear this so you don’t miss bus call, etc.
  • the tour itinerary and schedule
  • map
  • Waterbottle


Well thats all I have for you guys! Comment your tour must haves below and share with your friends!






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