Album Review: The Plot In You – Dispose


DISPOSE, the band’s fourth full-length album; while seems to lack structure and varies from song to song with which genre you’d place it under, still features the aggressive vocals we all know and love. We’ve been waiting since the release of Happiness in Self Destruction for more from the band. Wondering just what direction they’re heading in and where they can take us. While the breakdowns seem fewer, vocalist Landon Tewers says “It’s just a different kind of heavy,” as he describes the lyrical content and the darker vibe to it.

Opening track, ‘RIGGED’, already has you hooked with the soft sound of that steady drum beat in the background. Like the beating of your heart it’s almost subtle as Landon softly sings about his struggles of proving himself. Roughly halfway through the instrumentals get heavier and vocals continue on a harsh but not heavy sound. The track perfectly placed for an opening before no.2 ‘NOT JUST BREATHING’ (which you can read about here).

The third track on the album, ‘ONE LAST TIME’ has a more upbeat instrumental feel to it; but don’t be misguided into thinking this track wouldn’t be as dark as the rest. The chorus starts with Tewers screaming “and if tomorrow I don’t wake up, just know I really tried” and it’s almost like you feel the pain right along with him.

My favourite track so far has to be no. 4 ‘I ALWAYS WANTED TO LEAVE’. This track heavily features the vocals as the main focus and even though is less upbeat than the last, is actually more of a ‘fuck you’ and still has you hooked the whole way through. Leading you right into track no. 5 ‘FEEL NOTHING’ in which we’ve already had on repeat for months now.

“It doesn’t really have a structure,” “It doesn’t sound as planned out.” Tewers says of the album.

But the more I listen to this album through I feel the course of the breakup through the track listing. Even though track no. 6 was originally written with the intention of an interlude to ‘FEEL NOTHING’, the 1:01 long track ‘HAPPY’ seems to fall under the ‘acceptance’ stage. Listen to a 30 second teaser below.


Both track no. 7 and no. 8 are similar to what we found on Happiness in Self Destruction. With a more upbeat sound and some of the heaviest vocals on the album so far they’ll easily be two of the most played tracks, titled ‘THE ONE YOU LOVED’ and ‘PAID IN FULL’.

‘THE SOUND’ is the title for track no.9 the 2nd last on the album and where it all starts to slow down again. Another track featuring Landon’s softer vocals as the focus along with what sounds like a more electronic feel to it. Leaving the breakdowns out completely and heading straight into track no. 10 ‘DISPOSIBLE FIX’ and closing off the album similar to how it started.

With the album still being a little less than three weeks away I didn’t want to give away too much. I’ve listened to this album countless times already and I adore it more and more every time. The Plot In You have always stood out with their darker feel and more unique sound. It seems reaching out to producer Drew Fulk has only aided them in being able to keep this for their fourth record and maybe even turn it into something greater to come. Unfortunately now you guys are just going to have to wait until the 16th before you can listen in full, so make sure you’ve preordered DISPOSE and don’t forget you can listen to ‘FEEL NOTHING’ & ‘ NOT JUST BREATHING’ via Fearless Records on YouTube.


The Plot In You are making their way down under this April to tour with Sydney’s best kept metallic secret, POLARIS on their ‘Mortal Coil’ tour. Find tickets and details here..






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