Debut Single From Awaken I Am's Connor Verner-Oakley and The Comfort's Marcus Parente: BORDERLVND

BORDERLVND EP Offers Final Piece Of Art From ‘Awaken I Am’ Guitarist


We often hear the phrase “blood is thicker than water”. While that is inarguably true, there are other bonds that we share with those around us that are just as potent. There are ties that bind. The sentiment is painfully raw and thoroughly understood by the members of Awaken I Am, who reluctantly said goodbye to a dear friend in May of 2018. Despite his tragic and untimely departure, he did leave us with one final gift: BORDERLVND.

Connor Verner-Oakley, the Brisbane quintet’s guitarist, lost his life earlier this year. The crushing news left friends and fans distraught. Connor’s bandmates lost much more than simply their guitarist. They lost a brother and someone they had spent a substantial amount of time with over the years. Despite the heartache inflicted upon the band, the post-hardcore outfit pushed on in Connor’s memory.

BORDERLVND Releases ‘Life’

Connor was passionate about music and his love of the craft extended beyond his post with Awaken I Am. Prior to his passing, he embarked on another journey with friend and fellow musician Marcus Parente.

Parente is the guitarist for another Brisbane-based act, The Comfort. He and Connor sought to foster a creative outlet for their mutual love of poignant, impassioned song-writing.

In a Facebook post earlier today, Marcus shared the debut single from BORDERLVND, titled ‘Life’. The song will be included on the self-titled EP, which currently has no release date. However, the album is likely to arrive late-October. You can keep up to date by following Marcus on Facebook here.

‘Life’ is what it should be: an elegant, melancholic journey highlighted by graceful guitar tones and a sanguine finale that leaves the listener with a feeling of contentedness. The melody evokes such a comforting aura that its almost as if Connor is telling us that things are going to be O.K.

Read about Awaken I Am’s last song with Connor here.

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