For All Eternity Drop New Banger of an Album!


Sydney-based hard hitters For All Eternity are set drop their brand new album “The Will To Rebuild” very very soon, and oh boy this is gonna be a good one. Pull up your dacks, tighten that belt and get ready to throw yourself around because the band’s third studio album is sure to impress. “The Will To Rebuild” has a release date of the 15th of December, making it the perfect stocking stuffer for your metal-head mates.

The boys have been busy the past few months releasing three consecutive singles since October this year. All three are on the upcoming 11-track album, jam packed between other bangers and sweet little instrumentals.

Very quickly blowing our socks off, ‘Shadow’ starts off the experience in full force with it’s eerie and suspenseful tune. Something big is definitely coming. ‘Fallout’ really drops us into the mix. Fast-paced drums, heavy guitars, throat tearing screams, what a treat. Being one of the singles, ‘Fallout’ really shines and gives us a huge taste of what’s to come for the rest of the album. Making our way to track 4 ‘The Will’ listeners are greeted with a short break which then leads nicely into track 5 ‘September’ (one of my personal favourites). Another single, ‘The Vacated’ introduces the halfway mark but all the energy and riffs are still holding up and the minute mark makes you bang your head aggressively – which is always good.

Jumping over to track 9 ‘Vivid’ the boys show us their softer side with a smooth but still lingering piano piece being mostly accompanied by clean vocals and synths. ‘Vivid’ breaks up the album really quiet nicely and it would translate perfectly live, something I’d personally like to hear live. Straight ‘Vivid’, a huge yell introducing the first single FAE released, ‘Derailed’. Easily being a top song, it has a bit of everything and ties in reoccurring elements throughout the whole album. ‘Clearer’ brings the 11-track to a finale in the form of a huge sing along with a bouncy verse and super catchy chorus.

For the Sydney boys, “The Will To Rebuild” is looking to be a good one. Bringing back that classic Metalcore sound with modern twists done right. The three singles ‘Derailed‘, ‘The Vacated‘ and ‘Fallout‘ are all currently on Spotify and YouTube so go check them out before the album drops 15th December. Pre-orders are up on their Facebook as well!


26/1 – Cambridge Hotel @ Newcastle, NSW

27/1 – Uni Bar @ Wollongong, NSW

28/1 – Long Jetty Hotel @ Central Coast, NSW


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Ryan Oxford

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  1. coury 1 year ago

    This album is so f*cking good!

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