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Bass. It’s always the joke instrument of the band. “You can’t even hear it”, “Who needs bass, right?”. Melbourne based band The Omnific absolutely blow that question out of the water with their new EP “Kismet”, out Friday the 24th of November. The unique trio, for those who don’t know, consists of two bassists, Toby Peterson-Stewart and Matthew Fackrell, alongside a very talented drummer, Jerome Lematua. Harnessing the powers of tapping, sick beats and smooth synths, “Kismet” is sure to impress.

The 8-track starts off with ‘Proem’, a grand introduction with layered synths and impressive bass techniques shortly following. The track soars between bass runs to technical drum patterns and fills to abrupt breaks bringing out the soft synth sounds. Onto the super catchy ‘Objets de Vertu’, you find yourself banging your head straight away. The dissonant chords, dual tapping and on-going synth tracks bring utter joy. Moving onto track 5, ‘That’s All She Wrote”, a nice change with a 6/8 time signature. The whole song is filled with a huge, uplifting feeling alongside a nice progressive pattern and more tapping. The use of keys throughout the whole EP really rounds out their sound and gives so much extra life, especially to their live sound. A lot of the synth parts across the EP are reminiscent of video game soundtracks, being all spacey and super pleasurable to hear.

Finishing off “Kismet” is the final track ‘Sonorous Pt.2’ which is obviously a continuation of their song ‘Sonorous’ on their debut EP of the same title. The song follows on nicely with similar elements while still showing growth in their writing. Being mixed really well overall, “Kismet” is such a pleasant experience to listen to. The Omnific is the type of band that either inspire you so much to learn an instrument or they flat out make you want to give up your current because you think you won’t ever be good enough. That’s bloody impressive.

Leading up to the release, the band has showed us ‘Objets de Vertu’ and title track ‘Kismet’. Both tracks are able to be watched below.



Only being a young band, The Omnific are growing to be a brute force in the Australian scene. With such a unique and experimental sound, they’re laying their foundations well with two solid EPs and a heavy online presence. They can only grow from here. Toby and Matthew both offer online bass lessons with fans and aspiring bassists in between shows and making play-through videos. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for The Omnific in the future, this is just the beginning for them. The boys are set to play a show early next month alongside a few other Melbourne based bands.


9/12 – Melbourne, Aus @ The Everlyn Hotel

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